The Board of Directors of FESCO approves new composition of the Management Board 03/30/2018

30 March 2018

FESCO Transportation Group (the “Group”, “FESCO”) announces changes in the composition of the Management Board of FESCO JSC (parent company of the Group).

According to decision of the Board of Directors, starting from April 2nd, 2018 the Management Board of FESCO shall be elected as follows:

  • Aleksandrs Isurins, President

  • Vladimir Chisnakov, First vice-president, Liner & Logistics Division

  • Konstantin Kolesnikov, Vice-president, HR

  • Maxim Sakharov, CFO

  • Konstantin Teterin, Chief Operating Officer, FIT LLC

  • Aidemir Usakhov, Vice-president, Rail Division

  • Viktor Shukshin, Vice-president, Security

  • Zairbek Yusupov, Vice-president, Port Division

Olga Litvinova, who is leaving the Group and who had held the position of Vice-president of Human Resources, has been excluded from composition of the Management Board.

“We wish to thank Mrs. Litvinova for her contribution to the creation of centralized HR management within FESCO and to the development of HR in the Group’s subsidiaries. We wish Olga the very best in her future endeavors and are delighted to welcome Konstantin Kolesnikov as the new Vice-president for HR. We believe that his managerial experience and profound understanding of the industry will help him succeed in further optimization of HR function within the Group”, Aleksandrs Isurins, FESCO President, noted.

The appointment of Aidemir Usakhov, who previously held the position of FESCO’s Rail Division Director, as vice president is intended to enhance Group’s railway business and to ensure effective implementation of new initiatives and projects in this business unit. To bring the corporate governance in line with the Group’s strategic priorities Mr. Usakhov and Mr. Teterin were introduced to the Management Board.