SIBUR and FESCO put into operation a new container terminal in Tomsk

09 February 2015
A new container terminal with a total area of 10,000 square meters that is intended for the storage and loading of polypropylene and polyethylene on railway platforms has been commissioned at Tomskneftekhim (a part of SIBUR).

Transgarant (a part of FESCO), which will serve as the terminal operator once the facility is launched, provided the design and construction of the terminal.
The terminal storage capacity is 1,000 TEU. The terminal is equipped with a container crane. The terminal’s approach roads, which are 305 m in length, connect the terminal to the RZD station Kopylovo through SIBUR’s railway junction — Vkhodnaya station.

«In addition to removing bottlenecks in the Tomskneftekhim logistical chain, we have transformed the loading and unloading operations processes on the platform. The processing shipping operations has become more efficient. Moreover, the pricing mechanism used during the shipment of finished products through the terminal has become more transparent. Thus, we have insured ourselves from risk in this regard," said Oleg Salimov, CEO of SIBUR-trans and Head of Logistics at SIBUR

«The launch of the terminal at this location will allow Transgarant to strengthen its positions in the West Siberian region, and will have a positive synergistic effect on all FESCO divisions. Moreover, the partnership with SIBUR increases the volumes of Transgarant container shipments through a long-term collaboration with one of the largest Russian companies," said Nikolai Rezvov, Vice President of the Rail Division at FESCO.

The decision to construct a joint container terminal at the SIBUR Tomsk location was made in connection with the planned expansion of Tomskneftekhim’s production capacities, as well as the integration of a new plant at BIAXPLAN.

The partnership between SIBUR and FESCO within the scope of the construction and operation of the container terminal is a mutually beneficial type of cooperation between operator and cargo owner that is new for Russia. Transgarant will ensure the storage and processing of loaded and empty containers, as well as the handling of the container park on site.