Rusagro and FESCO plan to increase transshipments of export grain through Port of Vladivostok

03 September 2015
Rusagro Group and the Commercial Port of Vladivostok (VMTP, part of FESCO Transportation Group) have signed a cooperation agreement in frame of the Eastern Economic Forum.

Rusagro, which is developing the agricultural cluster in Primorsky Krai, is interested in exporting cargo to Southeast Asian countries and Japan through VMTP transshipment capacities. The port, in turn, is interested in increasing cargo turnover and diversification of the cargo base and is ready to provide Rusagro with the opportunity to transport agricultural goods. According to the agreement, Rusagro will provide VMTP with information on potential cargo volumes, after which the port will develop effective solutions for organizing the transshipment of the given agricultural product volumes.

Cooperation between Rusagro and FESCO on the transshipment of grain in the port is one of the first steps in the cooperation between the two companies. In the long-term, the two companies plan on expanding cooperation within the scope of providing full logistical support for the transportation of Rusagro goods.

«Given the scale of the Rusagro project in the Far East, the systematization of logistics and the quality of services is relevant to us. I think that FESCO group is a reliable partner for developing this sphere. In the near future, Primorsky Krai may become a major supplier of corn for Japan. There is a lot of potential for exporting other goods to neighboring Asian countries as soon as this season," said Maxim Basov, CEO of Rusagro Group.

«The Port of Vladivostok is an all-purpose port and can be used to ship almost all types of cargo, including agricultural goods. Because we understand the importance of developing agriculture in Primorsky Krai, we are ready to offer Rusargo attractive conditions for the transshipment of export goods," said Valeriy Mestulov, CEO of Commercial Port of Vladivostok.