Results of the repeat vote at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of FESCO

27 July 2021
On July 23, 2021 a repeated Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of FESCO (the parent company of FESCO Transportation Group) was held in Moscow in the form of absentee voting, at which the shareholders elected the Board of Directors and considered other issues on the agenda.

The meeting was attended by shareholders holding a total of 82.9% of votes of the placed voting shares of FESCO.

The Board of Directors shall now include nine people:

- Yan Bliznets;

- Yulia Vasilyeva;

- Arkady Korostelev;

- Evgeny Melnikov;

- Alexander Mineev;

- Vyacheslav Plotsky;

- Andrey Severilov;

- Alexander Timchenko;

- Dmitry Tikhonov.

Shareholders elected the Board of Internal Auditors of FESCO consisting of five persons, approved KPMG auditor for 2021, the annual report and annual accounting statements of FESCO for 2020. They also approved the participation of FESCO in the Eurasian union of participants of freight rail transportations and decided on distribution of profit based on the results of 2020.