Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 06/20/2019

20 June 2019

On June 20, 2019, Annual General Meeting of FESCO PLC shareholders (AGM) was held. Shareholders elected the new composition of the Board of Directors and considered other decisions on the other agenda items.

The Board of Directors was elected as follows:

˗              Shagav Gadzhiev

˗              Mark Garber

˗              Natalia Izosimova

˗              Aleksandrs Isurins

˗              Denis Kant Mandal

˗              Konstantin Kuzovkov

˗              Konstantin Kurlanov

˗              Leyla Mammed Zadeh

˗              Dmitry Shvets

Shareholders elected the Audit Committee of FESCO composed of 5 members, approved KPMG to be an auditor of FESCO in 2019, approved the Regulation on the Chief Executive Officer as well as the new versions of the Corporate Charter and the Regulations on the Executive Board.