Participants of the ‘Sea of opportunities’ social projects contest submitted 50 requests

16 April 2020
50 requests were received in the ‘Sea of opportunities’ social projects contest (the ‘Contest’) organized by FESCO Transportation Group (‘FESCO’, the ‘Group’).
Participants of the ‘Sea of opportunities’ social projects contest submitted 50 requestsNon-profit organizations (NPO), municipal and government authorities of the Primorye Territory submitted 30 requests, 20 requests were received from the Group’s employees ready to become volunteers. Themes of the requests vary from support of children with special health needs to ecology and development of tourism potential of Vladivostok. The contest winners will be announced 24 April, they will be able to implement their projects until 1 December 2020. At least 100 FESCO employees will take part in the projects.

The ‘Sea of opportunities’ contest is one of the elements of the local community support and development program under the Group’s updated strategy of corporate and social responsibility. The contest is aimed at establishing a partnership between business, authorities and society to find solutions to the most pressing social problems of Primorye. Socially oriented non-profit organizations, government and municipal institutions and volunteers among FESCO employees were invited to participate. Organizations applied for a grant up to 250 000 rubles, volunteers’ grant was not more than 50 000 rubles.

The operator of the Contest is Razvitiye Autonomous Nonprofit Organization. Its professionals have helped the participants with their applications, conducted trainings, and will provide further support during the implementation of the projects.

“We are glad that our initiative was so favorably received by the Primorye residents. We want to give the residents more opportunities to improve their lives while providing professional support and the necessary resources. Given the current situation with the coronavirus and the fact that this project is still in the pilot mode, we consider it to be a big success. We also want to thank the participants and the facilitators,” said Konstantin Kolesnikov, Vice President for Human Resources of FESCO.

“It is the first time such contest is organized in Primorye, and it is very exciting because we have received so many requests. It means that local community needs such forms of systemic solution and prevention of social problems in the region as the ‘Sea of opportunities’ contest. Now the experts and the contest committee will have to make every effort to select the best requests, as all of them are very strong and worth attention,” said Svetlana Bazhenova, General Director of Razvitiye Autonomous Nonprofit Organization.