On 19th of August 2004 FESCO fleet was enlarged with a new ship.

19 August 2004
On 19th 2004 FESCO fleet was enlarged with one more specialized containership. The shipload of the new containership is 1060 TEU (102 of which are refrigerator containers).

The ship was built in Hakata (Japan) in 1998. The inspection of the ship by FESCO specialists was held on 6th June 2004, by results of which its excellent technical condition was recognized.

On 19 of August 2004 in Hong Kong port the direct reception of the new ship was performed, financial official registration of the deal and registration instruments was realized in the port of Singapore.

The containership, which was named “FESCO Voyager”, will work on FESCO foreign trade lines/

70% of the ship cost was financed by one of the first-class Western Banks, 30% was financed by FESCO.


Length – 147 m
Breadth – 25 m
Depth - 8,5 m
Full speed – 18 knots
Main engine – MITSUI MAN-B&W 7S50MC of 9995 kW power with 127 r.p.m.
7 cargo holds