Negotiations with Korean shipbuilders

18 March 2009
Top managers of FESCO PLC held negotiations with delegation that represents Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI). SHI is a division of Samsung, the biggest corporation in Republic of Korea.

It is the first meeting between Vladivostok shipping company and leading shipbuilder from South Korea. FESCO PLC has a wide experience of cooperation with shipbuilders from Finland, Poland, German, China and others. Now the company is expanding their relationship.

In negotiating with shipbuilders from South Korea Vladimir Korchanov, Managing Director of FESCO PLC, told about present situation and company prospects, also about unique experience of Far Eastern seamen who operated under ice-bound conditions in Arctic Regions and Antarctica, and about company plans in this sphere of operation. H.G. Seo, Vice-president of SHI, Marketing, told about facilities of one of the biggest shipbuilding company, that builds tens of different ships every year as well as drilling platforms. It was noticed that in recent years Korean shipbuilders mastered production of vessels of special purpose successfully.

This meeting can be called as first acquaintance. Parties reached an agreement to continue cooperation which has good prospects.