Mr. Valery Mestulov elected as CEO of VMTP

18 February 2015
The Supervisory Board of Commercial Port of Vladivostok (VMTP, part of FESCO Transportation Group) has elected Mr. Valery Mestulov to the position of CEO with effect from February 13, 2015.

Mr. Konstantin Sokolov, who previously headed both VMTP and FESCO Transportation Group, will focuses on whole Group business only.

«We are confident that Mr. Mestulov will successfully continue our port business development, which includes increasing containers handling, also strengthening VMTP market position," Mr. Sokolov commented.

Mr. Mestulov has a background in management of stevedoring companies, container terminals, including companies in the Far East of Russia. He headed Vostochnaya Stevedore Limited Liability Company, Vladivostok Container Terminal.