Marine Activity Council had been held in Khabarovsk

29 September 2005
Opening session of Marine Activity Council took place in September 23 in Khabarovsk city.

Marine Activity Council was established to develop common approaches, recommendations and proposals regarding social and economic development of Russian Far East on basis of intensification of maritime activity of Russian Federation.

Officials from shipping companies, ports, transport companies, industrial organizations and scientifical institutes dealing with problems of marine field took part in Council session.

Council was focused on the problem of the marine transport on Far East, which becomes urgent for regions economy and communications development.

Session took up most critical and urgent questions of state and basic problems analysis of shipbuilding and ship repair industry in the Far-Eastern federal district, transport sector government control and coordination questions and perspective of Far-Eastern marine ports development.

FESCO President & CEO said: «In transport field which significantly influences role which сountry play in a World, the most efficient model is state-private partnership.»