Joint venture "Russian troika" was presented at the International Coordination Council on Trans-Siberian traffic.

27 October 2004
Gennadiy Fadeev considers that the establishment of the joint company “Russian troika” by FESCO PLC and Russian Railways PLC is the most important measure to increase Transsib load.

President of PLC Russian Railways and Chairman of Coordination Council on Trans-Siberian traffic G.Fadeev stated that the appearance of Russian troika on international transport market was «one of the most important measures on Trans-Siberian Railway increase». He declared it on regular meeting of International Coordination Council on Trans-Siberian traffic which was held at the end of October in Vienna.

Discussion of work prospects of Russian troika, decision on establishment of which was adopted by PLC Russian Railways and PLC FESCO in 2004, was the main theme of this meeting.

FESCO Director General Evgeniy Ambrosov noted that «the Far Eastern Shipping Company considers the establishment of this company as revolutionary step in development of Russian transport infrastructure, which provides transition from service quality, offered by Transsib, to the new, higher level». About 200 representatives of organizations, participating in transport traffic, such as representatives of Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation, railway and expeditor companies, ports and shipping companies took part in the meeting.

International Coordination Council on Trans-Siberian traffic was established in 1993 by decision of FESCO, administration of some ports and a number of other companies. It unites 108 members including expeditor associations of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Japan.