High cube and special purpose containers of the FESCO park

05 August 2013
Container park of FESCO Transportation Group now disposes of new 45ft high cube containers and special purpose 20ft and 40ft containers, this allows to widen the nomenclature of cargo being transported.

For the first time FESCO is going to operate 45ft Pallet Wide containers which, due to their increased capacity, allow to transport big volumes of cargo on routes between ports of China and Russia. It is planned to use these containers further on for intermodal transportations.

The number of several types of containers used for effecting coastal shipments between Far-Eastern ports has been increased: special purpose 40ft SuperHC containers with TransRak fastening system as well as 20ft and 40ft open-top containers (with a possibility of vertical/upper loading).

40ft SuperHC containers allow to effect shipment of up to four cars in one container while providing for significant time saving during fastening/unfastening at dockage and for maximum safety of cars.

20ft and 40ft open-top containers allow making shipment of heavy cargo that can be loaded into containers only vertically and of cargo exceeding dimensions of container height.

Technical characteristics of 45ft Pallet Wide containers:

  • Internal dimensions (length х width х height) — 13543 mm x 2444 mm x 2698 mm
  • Cubic capacity — 89.3 m3
  • Payload — 29.5 tons, fits 2 Europallets (width — 1200 mm)

Characteristics of other containers