For the first time a foreign official was awarded with FESCO gold badge.

27 September 2004
In August of 2004 on Vladivostok conference of FESCO Agents the Vice-President of FESCO Agencies North America Inc. Mr. Aspi Rostami was awarded with gold badge “Honored FESCO worker”.

The gold badge is awarded for outstanding services for development of PLC FESCO, advance in work efficiency and prestige of company, economic upturn and rise of competitive capacity on market of transport services.

Presently Mr. Rostami works as Vice-President and General Manager of FESCO Agencies North America based in Seattle, WA. He has over 25 years of international Transportation Management experience with various shipping and logistics companies, 10 years of which he has spent with FESCO.

Mr. Aspi Rostami is the 1st foreign official who was awarded with FESCO gold badge for his comprehensive improvement of Cross-trade Liner services between North America, Australia and New Zealand.

It was mentioned earlier that FESCO took 5th place in 2004 for its level of customers’ service on the way FANAL (Australia — New Zealand — North America).