FESCO Wins Tender for Participating in Logistics for Argentine Research Bases in the Antarctic, in 2015

31 October 2014
As was officially reported by Argentine Defense Ministry on October 22, 2014, Far East Shopping Company (FESCO) will take part in the logistics project for Argentine research bases in the Antarctic, in 2015.

The project works are traditionally performed by diesel-electric ship Vasily Golovnin operated by FESCO. Now Vasily Golovnin is used by FESCO for coastwise services, but in late November 2014 it will set out for Buenos Aires to be loaded there with mixed cargo, food products and diesel. During the navigation of 2015 freights will be shipped to the research bases Orcadas, Marambio, Esperanza, San Martin, Petrel and others, with the exception of Belgrano-II base which is supplied once in two years. The beginning of the works is scheduled for January 2015 and their duration is 45 days.

FESCO has been participating for seven years in the project of Argentine Defense Ministry, shipping necessary supplies for the Argentine research bases in the Antarctic.