FESCO was awarded with “Gold HR” Diploma for the best project of Collective Agreement.

07 October 2004
On 28th of September 2004 PLC FESCO was awarded with Diploma of “Gold HR” for “PLC FESCO Collective Agreement for 2004-2006” which was submitted in July.

The employment center Artex Recruitment and a number of Russian leading professional magazines on human resources management organized the competition.

The competition Diploma was awarded in nomination «For the large scale and labour intensity of the project».

The worked out project «PLC FESCO Collective Agreement for 2004–2006» submitted to the competition a theme «The solution of human resources challenges by non-typical and effective methods».

Specialists in the field of human resources noted the novelty and originality of work.

PLC FESCO Collective Agreement for 2004–2006, which was worked out during the period from November 2003 till April 2004, was adopted by The Labour Collective Conference on 23rd of April 2004.

Particular qualities of the present concluded Collective Agreement between employee and employer are:
— the radical correction of production relations,
— the deep market modernization of the system of labour remuneration of all FESCO employee categories,
— the rise of FESCO competitive capacity on the labour-market of marine workers of Primorsky krai,
— the establishment of the basis of management system of executives work efficiency,
— introduction of personal responsibility of workers and personal interest in work results.

«Gold HR» is the 1st Russian professional competition in the field of manpower policy and human resources management.