FESCO vessel set sails to Antarctica to supply Indian scientific stations

13 January 2022

Vasiliy Golovnin, diesel electric ship of FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”), has left port Cape Town (Republic of South Africa) on January 5, 2022 and embarked on a new expedition to Antarctica carrying cargo for Indian research stations.

This is the first voyage within the framework of a new five-year contract concluded between FESCO and the National Center for Polar and Oceanic Research of the Ministry of Earth Sciences of India (NCPOR). Prior to this, FESCO had been supplying stations under the previous contract for three years in a row. Vasiliy Golovnin will deliver to Indian stations Bharati and Maitri 1.5 thousand tons of cargo of various nomenclature, fuel, foodstuffs and Indian polar explorers who will replace their colleagues currently working in Antarctica.

There are two helicopters on board the vessel for conducting ice aerial reconnaissance and delivery of cargo to the shore. The diesel electric ship will also ensure removal of household and technical waste from the stations. The expedition should be completed by end of April 2022.

The new contract for supply of Antarctic stations was signed in October 2021 between FESCO and NCPOR. In order to implement the project repair works were carried out on the vessel. Readiness of Vasiliy Golovnin for the upcoming voyage in polar waters was confirmed by the certificate of polar ship issued by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. In addition, FESCO has received permission of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation to carry out activities in Antarctica.

FESCO has extensive work experience in Antarctica and has repeatedly participated in state projects related to supply of research stations of the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Chile and Argentina.