FESCO vessel delivers cargo for Indian scientific station in Antarctica

07 February 2022

Vasiliy Golovnin, a diesel-electric ship of FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”) delivered cargo for the Indian research station Bharati located on shore of the Prydz Bay in Antarctica.

FESCO vessel delivers cargo for Indian scientific station in Antarctica

The vessel brought a new shift of polar explorers to the station as well as fuel, food products and various equipment. Cargo delivery to the shore was carried out both from Vasiliy Golovnin directly and with the help of two helicopters.

The diesel-electric ship will also ensure removal of accumulated waste and used equipment from the station, after which it will set sail for the second point of expedition – Indian station Maitri.

This is the fourth expedition to Antarctica that FESCO is carrying out under the contract for supply of Antarctic stations concluded with the National Center for Polar and Oceanic Research of the Ministry of Earth Sciences of India (NCPOR).

The new contract was signed between FESCO and NCPOR in October 2021. According to its terms and conditions, Vasiliy Golovnin will deliver general cargo, food, fuel and polar explorers from NCPOR to Indian stations Bharati and Maitri during five Antarctic seasons, until 2026.

FESCO has extensive work experience in Antarctica and has repeatedly participated in state projects related to supply of research stations of the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Chile and Argentina.