FESCO transported the first containers with grain from Khabarovsk to China

20 January 2021
FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, the “Group”) has transported containers with grain from Khabarovsk to China through Commercial Port of Vladivostok (“CPV”, part of the Group) for the first time.

15 January 2021 twelve 40FT containers loaded with 300 tons of grain were sent to Vladivostok from Stroyopttorg terminal (part of the Group) via FESCO’s train. The containers will be delivered to the ports of Qingdao and Chiwan via FESCO’s regular maritime service. The total transit time is 14 days.

The next shipment is planned for 22 January. Around 4 thousand grain cargo in total is expected to be transported by the end of the month. In the future, the shipments are expected to become regular.

The Chinese market is one of the most suitable markets for grain export from the Russian Far East. FESCO has started transporting containerized grain cargo in the summer of 2018 by launching a new service delivering from Siberia to the regions of the Far East with its own regular trains to Kamchatka and the Magadan Region with regular cabotage maritime lines. The first grain export delivery to China from the Krasnoyarsk Territory took place the same year.