FESCO Transportation Group (MICEX-RTS: FESH) has signed general contract for the implementation of the SAP-based Group-wide ERP system in its Initial Release.

09 July 2012
The agreement signed with “Technoserv Consulting” company marks the renewal of FESCO’s strategic initiative to implement an integrated automated management system (IAMS) within the group.

IAMS implementation is an important element of FESCO development strategy targeted at the provision of the integrated “door-to-door” container transportation solutions. The implementation of this strategy requires streamlined business processes aimed to increase economic efficiency through synergetic effect and increased business manageability.

The major goal of IAMS implementation is to maximize the return on own capital of FESCO Group companies through better turnover of transportation assets, reduction of operating and admin costs and higher revenues as a consequence of both business processes optimization and increasing efficiency of interactions with clients and counterparts. Based on preliminary estimates, net cash flow gains from the above-mentioned improvements in a three-year period may reach at least USD 20 mln.

The Initial Release of IAMS within Liner and Logistics Division of FESCO Group is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. The first stage of the program, so-called Pilot Project, will see its production run in Autumn 2013.