FESCO Transportation Group closes Arctic navigation

19 November 2013
FESCO Transportation Group completes and closes its Arctic navigation wherein the company delivers cargoes within the frames of the Northern delivery and exports cargo from ports of Eastern Arctic.

The Arctic navigation of 2013 was launched on July 23rd and lasted 111 days — 6 days longer than in the previous year. The volume of delivered cargo compared to that of last year has increased by 41%, mainly due to development of mining and geological industry which led to increased volumes of imported mining and other equipment, exported gold concentrates.

198.2K tons of cargo were shipped during the Arctic navigation, including:
— 35.8K tons of solid fuel;
— 12.5K tons of fuel oil;
— 149.9K tons of other goods.

Icebreaker «Admiral Makarov» participated in navigation under control of FESCO providing for pilotage of 23 vessels that made a total of 37 voyages. Also involved in the navigation were company’s vessels of strengthened arctic class, namely «Vasily Burhanov», «Vasily Golovnin» and «FESCO Posyet», the new motor vessel of FESCO. Altogether vessels of the Group have transported 24K tons of cargo.

FESCO Transportation Group participates in Arctic navigation on an annual basis starting from the second half of July and closing in late October. During the Northern delivery vessels of the company ship national economic goods, fuel, coal, food, manufactured goods to Chukotka. Thus, population of the Chukotka Autonomous District is provided with whatever required until the next Arctic navigation.