FESCO transportation group acquires container terminal in Novosibirsk.

19 June 2014
FESCO transportation group has acquired a new container terminal in Novosibirsk, near the Novosibirsk-Vostochniy station.

The total area of the container terminal which is part of transportation complex is 15ha. The complex includes a railway transportation service with developed track facilities. The terminal has three railways lines that can hold container trains with up to 71 standard cars with 7 units of shunting diesel locomotives of industrial railway transportation enterprise at station Yuzhnaya.

The one-time storage capacity is 1,300 TEU and the throughput capacity is 90,000 TEU per year.

The terminal was acquired by Transgarant, which is part of the FESCO transportation group. Prior to the acquisition, the terminal was used primarily by FESCO group services. In the short term, the company plans to establish a comprehensive service in the terminal that will include the processing and secure storage of finished products, as well as the operation of the container fleet designated for the transportation of goods.

The acquisition of the container terminal in Novosibirsk is part of FESCO’s long-term strategy to develop a network of terminals on the East-West-East route, which will allow for better control of the client base and contribute to the development of the group’s intermodal container transportation services.