FESCO transferred 570 million rubles of tax payments.

20 September 2004
According to the results of the first half of the year FESCO transferred to budgets of all levels about 570 million rubles.

During January-July, 2004 PLC FESCO transferred 354 501 rubles of taxes and tax payments to budgets of all levels.

By results of the first half of the year 354 501 rubles were transferred to the federal budget (for the same period of the last year — 324 923 rubles).

190 633 rubles were transferred to the budget of Primorsky krai (to compare only 108 837 rubles were transferred for 6 months of 2003).

24 761 rubles were transferred to the city budget (14 288 rubles during the first half of 2003).

FESCO is one of three greatest taxpayers of Primorsky krai. For 2003 the profit of the shipping company totaled over 10 billion rubles.

FESCO carries out its commitments on tax payments, according to the Russian Tax and Duty Legislation, to budgets of all levels as federal, regional and city fully and in time.