FESCO to launch a corporate social responsibility program in Primorye Territory in 2020

11 December 2019

FESCO Transportation Group ("Group", "FESCO") is launching a program of support and development of the local community in the Primorye Territory (hereinafter – the Program) as part of an updated strategy of corporate social responsibility. FESCO is going to spend about RUB 50 million to finance the Program, which will be launched in 2020. A presentation of the Program took place on 11 December in Vladivostok in the presence of interim vice-governor of the Primorye Territory Sergey Maksimchuk.

FESCO to launch a corporate social responsibility program in Primorye Territory in 2020

The Program is aimed to create a system of social partnership between business, government and society in order to achieve sustainable development of the Primorye Territory. The Program’s mission is to promote the prosperity of the Far East, providing its residents with new opportunities to find self-fulfillment. Projects in health care, education, culture, landscaping and local community initiatives support will be launched in 2020, including the following:

    • Implementing a project to assist children with severe health deficiencies in the Primorye Territory. It is a joint project of FESCO and Rusfond, the largest charity foundation in Russia, in the scope of which FESCO will be the first company to perform such kind of activities;

    • Creating a support system for socially oriented non-profit organizations (NPO) and volunteers, who deal with acute social problems of the local community;

    • Implementing joint projects with The Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University and the Far Eastern Federal University to support talented students, update education plan and the universities’ infrastructure.

Additional information on the projects, terms and conditions for participation will be published on the official FESCO website (www.fesco.ru) and in local media.

“Our history is inextricably tied to the Primorye Territory, so we decided to focus on charity sector here. We realize our responsibility to the local community and want the Far East region to develop. We are trying to provide every opportunity to those, who are ready to learn, make decisions and take responsibility. To make the most effective use of the Program, we make it together with professional organizations that have necessary expertise” – noted Aleksandr Isurin, the President of the Group.

The Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO, a parent company of the Group) will have its 140 anniversaries in 2020: in April 1880 the ship Moskwa of a recently launched company Dobroflot made its first journey from Odessa to Vladivostok. Later FESCO became a successor of Dobroflot. Today a big part of assets and business operations of FESCO Group is held in the Primorye Territory.