FESCO takes steps to ensure compliance of container transportation with new VGM declaration requirements by IMO

29 June 2016

The FESCO Transportation Group informs customers that the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has made amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requiring the declaration of the verified gross mass (VGM) of a packed container prior to vessel loading. These amendments will apply to international maritime transportation.

Under the new rules, shippers are responsible for providing the verified gross mass by stating it in a bill of lading or other shipping document along with the name of the weighing service provider. In the event of any doubt about the accuracy of the stated mass, the regulatory agencies may require that the shipper presents the VGM certificate or again verifies the container’s gross mass.
FESCO has taken steps to streamline its information systems and operating processes in order to ensure compliance with the new requirements. In particular, the Commercial Port of Vladivostok (part of the FESCO Transportation Group) has been VGM certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping to provide the gross mass verification services. This enables our customers shipping cargoes through the Commercial Port of Vladivostok to verify their containers directly at the terminal.

For customers shipping with FESCO, a number of convenient options are available to submit their VGM data:
  • via a personal account at my.fesco.com,
  • via INTTRA,
  • by e-mail,
  • by providing an original hard copy.
The deadlines for submitting the VGM data for specific voyages will be available in the Schedule and Tariffs section at www.fesco.ru. They can also be obtained directly from your personal customer service manager. For the convenience of our customers, FESCO will communicate the VGM submission deadlines in advance.

VGM declaration is not required for:
  • empty containers,
  • containers shipped domestically,
  • containers shipped on truck/trailer on Ro-Ro vessels (short international voyages)
For more information, please see the VGM Guidance (PDF, 1.78 MB) or contact your personal customer service manager.
The new requirements will serve to improve maritime safety and ensure the vessel stability and hull strength.
In the absence of VGM documents, the carrier and the terminal will refuse to load the container on board.