FESCO stock price has reached the highest point

17 March 2005
FESCO stock price has reached its maximum for the last 9 years.

By data of RTS stock exchange, stock price of Far-Eastern Shipping Company on 03.17.2005 totals 0.36500 US dollars (quotation on sale), 0.3575 dollars (quotation on purchase), price of the last bargain — 0.35800. Weighted average price totals 0.3575 dollars. This figure is the highest for the last 9 years.

FESCO capitalization, by data of Russian agency of business information «RosBusinessConsulting», totals 11 billion rubles or 396 million dollars.

In rating of 100 Russian companies with the highest level of capitalization, performed in the beginning of the current year RBC, Far-eastern Shipping Company takes the 58th position, keeping the 1st place be capitalization level among shipping companies of the State.

On the 1st of March 2005 capitalization of company totaled 558 million dollars, having kept for FESCO the status of the most expensive shipping company of Russia.