FESCO specilists passed the intense training program

28 April 2004
In April 2004г. FESCO technical staff and personnel of Kamchatka, Sakhalin and Magadan shipping agencies and some refrigerator’s companies of Russia have passed training program which organized by the company «Carrier Transicold» (USA).

The training course included studying fundamentals of frosting, causes of equipment death of refrigerating plants, troubleshooting and remedying. The special attention has been given to service and operation of refrigerator containers at their transportation by any mode of transport (sea transport, railway and motor transport).
Participants of a seminar conducted practical work on a troubleshooting and fault removal of refrigerators on the container terminal. Moreover each of the participants took a self-instruction course of refrigerator production service especially on preparation for condition and refrigerator freight.
This course allows raising a quality of given services on transportation of cargoes in refrigerators and improve the quality of services and trouble-free operations.
The confirmation of received knowledge were the International Certificates which obtained by FESCO and their subsidiaries specialist.