FESCO’s vessel departed to Antarctica to supply India's research stations

28 January 2021
26 January 2021 the icebreaker of FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”) “Vasiliy Golovnin” departed from the port of Cape Town (South Africa) to Antarctica carrying supplies for the Indian research stations. The expedition will be completed at the beginning of May.
FESCO’s vessel departed to Antarctica to supply India

In Cape Town the vessel was loaded with 1 138 tons of various cargo including equipment, fuel and food. The vessel will also transport 50 Indian researchers to the Indian stations Bharati and Maitri. The researchers will replace their colleagues currently working in Antarctica.  

On the vessel there are two helicopters equipped for ice observations and delivery of supplies ashore. The vessel will also be used to take out technical and domestic waste from the stations. 

This expedition will be the 40th expedition of the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) of the Ministry of Geography of India and the 3rd under the contract between FESCO and NCPOR. The certificate of a polar navigation vessel issued by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping confirms that the vessel “Vasiliy Golovnin” is ready for the upcoming polar voyage. Moreover, FESCO has received special permission from the Ministry of Natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation to carry out activities in Antarctica.

FESCO has great experience in working in Antarctica and has repeatedly participated in government projects to supply research stations of the USA, Australia, UK, Chile and Argentina.