FESCO releases 1H2012 operational results

07 September 2012
FESCO Transportation Group (MICEX-RTS: FESH) today discloses its operational results for January – June 2012.

According to the 6-months results, sea container trade volumes reached 238 751 TEU. From this amount, bilateral and domestic sea container trade accounted for 206 477 TEU (-2% compared to 1H2011) and 32 274 TEU (+10% compared to 1H2011) respectively.

In the reporting period, intermodal transportation and freight forwarding volumes reached 84 232 TEU (versus 79 420 TEU a year ago).

Rail container transportation volumes grew by 12% reaching 129 882 TEU, while non-container cargo load amounted to 12.6 mln tons (versus 12.9 mln tons in 1H2011). Rail cargo turnover stood at 14.8 bln ton-kilometers.

Total container cargo throughput of Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port (VMTP) increased by 13% to 219 919 TEU; non-container cargo throughput grew by 17% and amounted to 1.8 mln tons.