FESCO occupies the 58-th position in RBC rating

02 February 2005
FESCO keeps top position amongst shipping companies of Russian Federation by the level of capitalization.

Russian information agency «RussBusinesConsulting» has published the «Top 100 most capitalized companies» for 2004.

To the end of 2004 PLS Far Eastern Shipping Company war rated 58-th, moved up by 5 points, compared with the situation in the end of 2003 and showed the growth of 100,8%.

Regarding to what the rating authors say, current capitalization is 11 bln. rubles or USD 396 mln. (in 2003 it was USD 197 mln.).

Thus FESCO again takes up second (after Aeroflot) place amongst all transportation companies and first place amongst shipping companies of Russian Federation.