FESCO linear service is improved.

04 August 2004
Net of FESCO agency companies – Far Eastern Shipping Company, Transfes, Transfes Sakhalin, Transfes Kamchatka, Transfes Magadan, TransfesVaninoMarine, FESCO Logistic, take over a decision about co-business and further improvement of services of transport

FESCO agent conference the changes over on line conditions of client service plan as the method of future optimization of linear service and other improvements.

Such work conditions intend the inclusion of all ports container service costs in freight rate.
It finally will lead to lowering the opportunity of the client unjustifiable payment collection by mediators, and it will allow fulfilling the registration of all the documents, which are necessary for cargo delivery and escorting at one place – “one window service”.

A great number of works had been done by FESCO brunches for optimization of deliveries at the expense of delivery providing by end to end- “from door to door”- and also for allowing the equipment for containers loading/ unloading in ports. The risks of container unload and delay are minimal now because of new politics of FESCO.

Moreover FESCO undertakes measures about shortening the round cycle time of transportation.

FESCO pursues measure directed in keeping preservations of leading positions as the greatest sea transport company in the Far East In Asian-Pacific Region.