FESCO Launches Regular Train for Export Cargo Delivery from Krasnoyarsk to China via Kazakhstan

05 July 2018

FESCO Transportation Group has launched a weekly container train from BLTK terminal in Krasnoyarsk to Chengdu in China's Sichuan Province and Xian in Shaanxi Province via Kazakhstan, expanding the geography of its inland services between Siberia and China.

FESCO Launches Regular Train for Export Cargo Delivery from Krasnoyarsk to China via Kazakhstan

The new route passes through Lokot/Dostyk/Alashankou border crossings. Transit time is six days. The service includes customs clearance services and last mile road delivery to the customer's warehouse.

A pilot train of 41 ft containers with export cargo will arrive at its destination on July 9.

This is the second FESCO's overland export rail service from Krasnoyarsk to China. In February 2018, FESCO launched a regular train to Chengdu via Mongolia (border crossings Naushki /Zamyn-Uud/ Erenhot). In addition, the Vladivostok-Krasnoyarsk-Vladivostok service is currently operating as part of the intermodal chain linking Russia to Asia-Pacific Regions countries via the Commercial Port of Vladivostok.

The development of overland international routes is one of FESCO's priority strategies aimed at increasing volumes of container freight transportation. FESCO started working on the continental China-Russia-Europe route at the end of 2016, launching the Tianjin-Moscow train. In 2017, the China-Germany-China transit service via Russia and Mongolia was set up. There is also a scheduled train from Xiamen to Moscow.  FESCO transported 3,900 TEU on overland international routes in 2017, reaching 6,200 TEU in the first half of 2018. Operating on closed-loop routes ensures FESCO’s effective assets operation and the most favorable terms for its customers.

Transportation of cargo between China and Russia has traditionally been carried out through FESCO's intermodal chain via Commercial Port of Vladivostok.