FESCO Launches New Block Train on the Route Vladivostok — Moscow to Kupavna Station

06 July 2015
FESCO Transportation Group launches a new regular container service on the route Southeast Asia — Vladivostok — Moscow: FESCO Moscow Shuttle Kupavna (FMSK). The new service is in line with the Company’s strategy aimed at expanding its intermodal container transportation network.

The FMSK service railway connection covers the distance between Vladivostok and Kupavna railway station (Moscow). Block trains will depart from Vladivostok once a week, on schedule. Time en route will be 10 days. The pilot shipments are going to take place in the middle of June.

The service is geared toward freight from Southeast Asia shipped via Commercial port of Vladivostok, also cargo shipments from the Far-East Region. Shipments will be available either on the terms of carrier’s owned container (COC) or shipper owned containers (SOC).

FMSK is the new block train, adding FESCO Moscow Shuttle service arriving to Silikatnaya railway station (Moscow). FESCO Moscow Shuttle Kupavna is taking to help clients improve and optimize logistics.