FESCO launches liquid cargo transportations in flexitanks

15 November 2022

FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, the “Group”) expands the range of services in the structure of FESCO Supply Chain by adding a new service FESCO Flexi for transportation of bulk liquids in containers using sealed flexitank liners.

FESCO launches liquid cargo transportations in flexitanks

Within the framework of FESCO Flexi goods can be dispatched via rail, sea and intermodal services of the Group both in domestic and international directions, including to countries of East and Southeast Asia, Turkey, Egypt, Africa and South America.

If necessary, separate accelerated container trains can be formed for customers of FESCO Flexi in any direction within Russia. In early December the Group also intends to launch flexi trains between Russia and China running on a regular basis.

As part of the service FESCO can organize transportations of vegetable and mineral oils, molasses, lubricants, detergents and household chemicals, alcoholic beverages, food products and other goods directly from production site of the customer as well as provide all necessary equipment, perform preparatory work and fully ensure the entire process of filling up flexitanks.

Earlier the Group launched FESCO Air (a FESCO Supply Chain service) for delivery of LCL cargo by charter and regular flights to domestic and international destinations.