FESCO launches its first transit train between China and Europe via Mongolia

17 August 2017

FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”,”Group”) launches FESCO Silk Way Shuttle ‒ scheduled container train at the route China-Europe-China. It is the first FESCO’s inland transit service at this direction.

FESCO launches its first transit train between China and Europe via Mongolia

The first train departed from Chinese city of Zhengzhou to German Hamburg on August 5, it is scheduled to arrive to the destination on August 20. 42 containers with consumer goods, spare parts, equipment and food products were shipped from China to Europe. The train crosses China, Mongolia, Russia, Belorussia, Poland and Germany. The border between Mongolia and Russia will be crossed at Naushki border guard point.

FESCO Silk Way Shuttle will operate on a weekly basis in both directions. First shipment from Germany is scheduled for August 18. The service is oriented first of all on the cargo sensitive to the speed of delivery. Transit time between China and Europe is 13-15 days, which is three-fold shorter than the shipment by deep sea via Suez Canal.

The start of the new service expands geography of FESCO operations, and also the range of services that the Group offers to clients. This is the first FESCO scheduled onshore transit route from China to Europe; it complements the line of intermodal services operated at the Far East. In the long term the Group plans to ramp up volume of transportation of FESCO Silk Way Shuttle, by increasing frequency of shipments up to two trains per week in each direction, and also by organizing new railway services via Naushki railway station.