FESCO Launches Intermodal Transportation of Transit Cargo Along Primorye-1 Corridor via Vladivostok

26 April 2016
FESCO Transportation Group successfully delivered cargo to Korea and China’s southern ports along the Primorye-1 transport corridor via the port of Vladivostok. The cargo had been dispatched from the northern provinces of the PRC. The intermodal freight transportation was based on the Group’s assets and services.

The cargo in FESCO containers sent by rail from Heilongjiang province via the Grodekovo station was then handled in the commercial port of Vladivostok before being sent via FESCO sea lines to destinations in China and Korea. This was the first transit freight shipment through the international Primorye-1 corridor via Vladivostok. FESCO signed a memorandum with one of the Chinese partners on the development of intermodal transportation along this route, during the presentation of this new service in Pusan.

The service via Vladivostok is geared at Chinese transit cargo and also at imports from the northern provinces of China to both Korea and Japan. The next shipment is scheduled to be at the end of April. In the future, FESCO plans to set up a block train from Heilongjiang province to Vladvostok, via the Grodekovo station.

The service opens up the transit potential of the Russian Far East and will also reduce the time en route by the logistics network optimization. The transit time from Suifenhe to Pusan will be cut to 6 days instead of 10–12 along the current route. Competitive tariffs have also been made possible by the fact that the intermodal chain will be exclusively based on FESCO assets.