FESCO launched new regular container train from the Bely Rast station to Chita

12 May 2021

FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”) is expanding its domestic route network and has launched a new regular container train ‘FESCO Chita Shuttle’ going from the Terminal and Logistics Center Bely Rast (Moscow) to Chita.

The trains will depart once a week from the Bely Rast station, transit time to the destination – station Chita-1 – is 7 days. The planned transportation volume is 300-400 TEU per month. The service will be mainly used for the transportation of goods varying from consumer products to equipment. Door-to-door delivery is also available.

The first FESCO Chita Shuttle arrived in Chita on 11 May.

The Bely Rast Terminal and Logistics Center is a joint venture of RZD JSC and Port Liaoning Group that includes a container-piggyback terminal with a processing capacity of up to 275 000 TEU per year, as well as a complex of universal distribution warehouses and an inert cargo terminal. The terminal has three loading and unloading railways with a length of 1050 m and a container storage warehouse with a capacity of 3100 TEU.