FESCO icebreaker "Krasin" is back from the Arctic navigation 2004.

10 December 2004
On the 2nd of December FESCO icebreaker "Krasin" returned to the port Vladivostok after the Arctic navigation 2004.

The vessel controlled by captain Victor Kovalchuk has worked 116 days in the Eastern sector of Arctic providing normal navigation in the area and cargo delivery to the inhabitants of Northern areas.

During the period from August till December 2004 the icebreaker «Krasin» provided safe navigation in the Eastern sector of Arctic to 19 vessels, which delivered to the inhabitants of Chukotsk Autonomous Okrug cargo of different types. The vessels, led by the icebreaker «Krasin», transported more than 63 thousand tons of cargo, including about 33 thousand tons of general cargo, 14 thousand tons of coal, 15 thousand tons of foel oil and 1174 tons of foodstuffs.

The cargo was delivered to the Arctic ports Pevek, cape of Shmidt, ports Neshpan, Vankarem, Nutapelmen, Billings, Inchoun. The crew of the icebreaker demonstrated high professional skills and excellent results of the work in complicated weather and ice conditions.