FESCO Ice Fleet to Succeed in Arctic Navigation-2008

29 October 2008
On October 31, 2008 icebreaker the Admiral Makarov will lead out of Pevek two FESCO vessels the Vasiliy Golovnin and the Amderma to complete the Arctic navigation-2008.

Ice-breaker the Kapitan Khlebnikov initiated the Arctic navigation in the Eastern Arctic on July, 2, 2008. The ice-breaker passed Dezhnev Cape to the North and reached the Northern Sea Route and proceeded to the West to Murmansk. On July 14 the Kapitan Khlebnikov passed by the Vilnitsky strait and left the Arctic through the Karskiy Gate on July, 18. It took 16 days for The Kapitan Khlebnikov to have passed the Northern Sea Route under the adverse weather conditions from the East to the West.

The Amderma was the first transport vessel to arrive Pevek with no ice-breaker support on July, 21.

During the season ice-breaker the Admiral Makarov under the supervision of FESCO Headquarters of Maritime Operations has led 17 transport vessels owned owned or managed by 6 shipping companies. The vessels have made 38 voyages and delivered over 28000 tons of cargoes, 48000 tons of fuel, and 98000 tons of food products to Chukotka.

Six vessels of FESCO – the Amderma, the Pioner Kirgizii, the Pioner Chukotki, the Krasnogvardeets, the Abakan, the Vasiliy Golovnin – have completed 17 voyages and supplied

Chukotka with 76,1 thousand tons of various cargos.

Ice condition this season was the hardest for the recent years. Clean water was very slow to appear and pack ice hampered discharge of fuel and other cargoes on the roads on Northern Chukotka since the mid of August.

The temperature was 3-5 C lower compared to the last year season and resulted in fast icing. The ice in Pevek appeared on October 15th, and one week later no clean water was found.

High-skilled and experienced crews of FESCO icebreakers and transport vessels succeeded in the Arctic Navigation-2008, all the cargoes were delivered in time to the consignees. Chukotka has been provided with all necessary supplies for the winter till the next navigation season.