FESCO has announced the winners of Logistics Challenge Contest of IT Solutions

21 November 2018

FESCO Transportation Group has announced the winners of its nomination Logistics Challenge within the framework of GoTech contest of technological projects. There were chosen the projects of speech recognition, voice assistance and robotics. The winners will have the opportunity to launch pilot projects with FESCO TG.

FESCO has announced the winners of Logistics Challenge Contest of IT Solutions

In total, 120 applications were submitted to Logistics Challenge. The contest jury selected 12 finalists that presented their developments at GoTech Arena on 20 November. After the pitches, the jury consisting of the Group’s members and invited experts, announced the winners - Zvonobot and iVoice. They will finalize their solutions together with FESCO's experts and launch them for implementation in FESCO.

"For us, participation in the contest was an experiment. Currently, we solve all our IT tasks using system integrators and enterprise solutions (development aimed at solving business problems). We needed a breath of fresh air and we got it thanks to all the participants", – said Michael Semin, Director of IT Department of FESCO.

The project Zvonobot is a call-centre robot-operator able to recognize answers in telephone conversations. The second winner, iVoice Platform, combines available solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, telecommunications for voice assistants and bots design without R&D or programming.

The group expects that the introduction of such technologies will improve the quality of service and the efficiency of communication with customers and partners.