FESCO General Director Yevgeny Ambrosov on June 17 met with U.S. Ambassador to Russia

21 July 2003
The meeting between the director of a top national shipping company and Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, who visited Vladivostok, was held at one of the local ports where FESCO owns a storage facility.

According to Yevgeny Ambrosov, FESCO controls half of the market for transportation from the United States across the Pacific Ocean to Russia, mostly delivering containerizes goods. At the same time, FESCO accounts for 15 percent of deliveries from the United States to Australia and New Zealand as well as a quarter of all goods en route from Canada to Australia and nearby Asian nations. FESCO also takes part in the Sakhalin oil projects providing transportation of shipping containers to the island. Every week FESCO ships deliver containers for the operators of the Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 projects.