FESCO Delivers the First Lot of Cargo from Toyama, Japan, to Moscow in 15 Days Through a Fast Delivery Service

25 July 2018

FESCO Transportation Group has delivered the first lot of cargo from the Japanese port of Toyama-Shinko (Toyama pref.) to Moscow through Direct Route, a new fast delivery service launched in June. The transit time took only 15 days, whereas shipment through the Suez Canal takes more than 50 days. The fast service is available for dispatch from Japanese ports of Kobe, Nagoya, and Yokohama.

FESCO Delivers the First Lot of Cargo from Toyama, Japan, to Moscow in 15 Days Through a Fast Delivery Service

On July 23, a 40 ft container with construction materials from Toyama arrived at Silikatnaya station of Moscow Railway. The marine transportation through Japan Trans-Siberian Line (JTSL) took two days, handling in Commercial Port of Vladivostok, customs clearance and railway loading, three days, and the transportation by a regular FESCO Moscow Shuttle by Trans-Siberian railroad, 10 days.

The ceremony of cargo dispatch from Toayama-Shinko was attended by representatives of Association of Japanese-Russian Friendship, Toyama Prefectural Assembly and the research group "Toyama Bay's Future" of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. They will estimate the advantages of the new fast service when the cargo is delivered and give recommendations to promote Direct Route on the Japanese market.

In June 2018, FESCO launched a fast delivery service from ports of Japan to Moscow via Vladivostok. For one and a half month of Direct Route operating between Japan and Moscow, FESCO has delivered 20% of cargos in less than 25 days, and 60% in less than 30 days. Principal cargoes transported from Japan to Russia are construction materials, spare parts for motor vehicles, and consumer goods.

The expansion of fast shipment services from the Asia-Pacific region to Russia through the Far East is a priority area of FESCO's strategy. Currently fast delivery services are available for dispatch from ports of China and South Korea.