FESCO delivered equipment from Russia to Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey

30 September 2020
FESCO Transportation Group (FESCO) delivered equipment, including four steam generators of 358 tons each, from the Rostov region to the Akkuyu nuclear power plant under construction in Turkey.
FESCO delivered equipment from Russia to Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey

To implement this project, FESCO’s experts developed individual transportation schemes. Steam generators, which are recognized as oversized and heavy equipment, were delivered fr om the manufacturer – the branch of JSC AEM-technologies Atommash in Volgodonsk – by purpose-built vehicles to a specially designed berth in Volgodonsk for loading on a river-sea class vessel. The placement and fastening of the cargo were carried out in accordance with the plan developed by a specialized project bureau.

Then the equipment was transported to Rostov-on-Don, wh ere the general cargo of 370 tons in total had been already delivered by truck. After the loading, the vessel departed to the Vostochniy terminal near the port of Mersin in Turkey and arrived on September19th. After the equipment was unloaded by a Liebherr LR1800 crane with a lifting capacity of 800 tons, the cargo was delivered by purpose-built vehicles to the construction site for installation.

The project was implemented in 45 days.

FESCO has extensive experience in transporting heavy and oversized cargo, including equipment for construction of nuclear power plants in different countries. Extending the number of contracts with major clients, as well as expanding its presence in the market for the large-capacity and oversized cargo transportation are the priority areas for the company’s business development.

Akkuyu is a nuclear power plant to be built on the south coast of Turkey. The plant is under construction in accordance with the Russian project, which includes building and commissioning four power units with VVER-1200 reactors. The agreement for construction was signed in May 2010.