FESCO celebrated its professional holiday in Vladivostok

03 July 2017

Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO Transportation Group) held in Vladivostok celebrations dedicated to the holiday - the professional Day of workers of the merchant marine and river fleet. 

FESCO celebrated its professional holiday in Vladivostok

FESCO seamen and administrative staff received well-deserved awards for high achievements in their work. On June 27, 2017, at FESCO Branch office in Vladivostok in a solemn atmosphere FESCO workers received certificates of honor from the Governor of Primorsky Krai, diplomas and letters of thanks of the administration of the city of Vladivostok. Also the deputy of The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Sergei Sopchuk sent to FESCO staff a welcome address and letters of appreciation to FESCO employees. For excellent work and high production indicators four FESCO employees received a gold badge "Honored Worker of the Far Eastern Shipping Company", 26 people were awarded a breastplate "FESCO Labor Veteran", 13 employees got diplomas of FESCO branch office in Vladivostok, 22 employees were announced thanks from the director of FESCO branch office in Vladivostok. FESCO first vice-president Vladimir Korchanov, the deputy head of the administration of Vladivostok Sergey Cherkasov, the assistant to the deputy of the State Duma Maya Shalunova and the management of FESCO branch office in Vladivostok took part in this awarding ceremony.

On June 28, 2017, during traditional management meeting with FESCO captains and senior engineers the results of annual competitions among the crew were summed up. FESCO first vice-president Vladimir Korchanov presented corporate awards and discussed with seamen local issues. The crews of FESCO container ships "Kapitan Afanasyev" (under the command of Captain Alexander Lubshev) and "FESCO Novik" (Captain Sergey Antonov) were awarded honorary diplomas for the victory in the contest "The Best Crew" according to the results of their work in 2016. FESCO seamen from the command and ratings were awarded honorary diplomas "The Best in the profession - 2016" in the following nominations: "The Best Captain", "The Best Senior Engineer", "The Best Captain’s Mate", "The Best Mechanic", "The Best Mechanic on Ship Systems", “The Best Electrical Officer", "The Best Boatswain", "The Best Sailor", "The Best Motorman", "The Best Electrician", "The Best Cook".

On June 29, 2017, a meeting dedicated to the 157th anniversary of Vladivostok was held in FESCO concert hall. The solemn event was attended by Vladivostok residents, employees of local enterprises and organizations of the city. During the meeting the acting head of the city of Vladivostok Konstantin Mezhonov presented honorary diploma to Mikhail Tarasov, senior engineer of FESCO diesel-electric ship “Vasiliy Golovnin”.

On July 2, on the Day of the workers of the merchant marine and river fleet and on the day of the founding of Vladivostok, in accordance with the annual tradition management of FESCO branch office, veterans, crew and employees paid tribute to the memory of merchant marine seamen, died in peacetime and wartime. The solemn ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers was held near the monument to the Far Eastern seamen who died during the Great Patriotic War. The ceremony was also attended by the first deputy head of the administration of Vladivostok Konstantin Loboda, management and cadets of Maritime State Universitv named after admiral G.I. Nevelskoy, management of SCF Group and pupils of the children's maritime club "Meridian".

FESCO completed the Day of the workers of the merchant marine and river fleet with a festive event in the center of healthy rest with an entertainment program, contests and competitions.