FESCO Branch office in Vladivostok and trade unions signed a new collective agreement

26 June 2018

FESCO Branch office in Vladivostok ("Branch", a member of FESCO Transportation Group) and trade union organizations that represent the interests of the employees of the Branch, entered into a new collective agreement for 2018-2019. On June 25, 2018, at The Day of the Seafarer, director of FESCO Branch office in Vladivostok Vladislav Kim, chairman of the Trade union Committee of the seafarers Nikolay Zadoyanov and chairman of the Trade union of FESCO shipping division Galina Nakonechnaya signed a document with social package for employees and their families.

FESCO Branch office in Vladivostok and trade unions signed a new collective agreement

The new collective agreement has retained all guarantees and compensations for a similar document in 2016-2017. The key point of the agreement is the issue of indexing salaries of employees, taking into account the growth of consumer prices for goods and services in the Primorsky Territory.

“The parties held negotiations for three months and eventually reached a mutual agreement on the basic obligations of the employer and employees. On discussing the new collective agreement, the main issues remained the indexation of wages, employment and labor protection. I can point out that FESCO successfully implements a social package of benefits, guarantees and compensations for its employees”, - Nikolai Zadoyanov said.

Vladislav Kim accented: “The conclusion of a new collective agreement shows a high degree of social and labor relations and the existence of a built-in interaction between the employer and the trade unions. FESCO makes every effort to create comfortable working conditions for its employees, as well as to provide their financial stability and social security”.