FESCO and NtechLab to collaborate in the digital field

12 April 2021

FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, “the Group”) and NtechLab company, a partner of Rostekh State Corporation and one of the world’s leaders in computer vision, have made an agreement on using digital technologies in the Group. The agreement was signed by the parties within the TransRossiya exhibition.

FESCO and NtechLab to collaborate in the digital field

The companies are planning to cooperate in many areas, and one of them will be digitizing operations in FESCO with a wide range of computer vision analytics. As a pilot project, FESCO and NtechLab are planning to deploy various types of intelligent video analytics at Commercial Port of Vladivostok (CPV, part of FESCO Group), such as license plate identification, control of ship calls, counting of containers, etc.

“Development of digital services and data systems is a key element for the improvement of business process in the Company. We believe that NtechLab will help us to improve it. A pilot project will be launched at CPV, and we are looking forward to implementing the technologies in other companies of the Group,” - said Andrey Severilov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FESCO.

“Capabilities of computer vision can be fully revealed when it is implemented in the logistics sphere. Neural networks enable us to monitor compliance with the safety measures and consistency of technical processes. The technologies can simplify and speed up the monitoring process in FESCO’s companies and contribute to improving the work environment making it more comfortable.” – said Andrey Telenkov, General Director of NtechLab.