FESCO acquires 300 new refrigerated containers of increased capacity

20 September 2021
As part of implementation of strategy aimed at updating container fleet of its subsidiary Dalreftrans FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, the “Group”) has acquired another 300 new forty-foot refrigerated containers of increased capacity. They will be delivered in Q1 2022.
FESCO acquires 300 new refrigerated containers of increased capacityIn 2021 FESCO has already purchased 300 refrigerated containers. As a result of the new transaction, the fleet of Dalreftrans, which in the Group is responsible for transportation of cargo calling for temperature regime, will exceed 2800 units or about 4900 TEU.

Containers are equipped with modern Carrier PrimeLINE refrigerator unit with the latest generation Carrier Micro-Link 5 controller, which provides twenty-four-hour monitoring of operation and maintains temperature regime. One of the main advantages of new refrigerated containers is their equipment with GPS/GSM means, with the help of which one can track location, as well as transmit information about the temperature of cargo online.