Convoy, which is piloted by icebreaker “Magadan”, reached Pakhachi

30 March 2005
After finishing unloading of necessary amount of fuel in Gulf of Korf, on the 26th of March convoy, which includes tanker “Roshino”, icebreaker “Magadan”, tug boats “40th anniversary of Taimyr” and “Grozny”, tank barge “Kursinka” went towards village Pakh

By the words of captain Mogilyan, the most difficult part was the way out from Gulf of Korf, where the wide ice bridge of close ice blocked the way to convoy. Because of strong pressure of ice the channel after the icebreaker immediately closed up and ships could not follow she by themselves, that’s why icebreaker «Magadan» had to pilot all ships by one having in short tow.

Tanker «Roshino» and tugboat «Grozny» were piloted through the ice bridge first. Then these ships went to the point of destination by themselves, icebreaker «Magadan» continued pilotage of other ships. Having exerted great efforts and this part of ships was piloted to the water free of ice for going to Pakhachi.

On the 29th of March in the night icebreaker «Magadan» together with tugboat «40th anniversary of Taimyr» and barge «Kursinka» reached the roadstead of village Pakhachi and at 06.00 a.m. barge «Kursinka» by the big water was led to the creek of river Pakhachi, where fuel discharge began.

The planned completing of cargo works in village Pakhachi is on the 30th of March in the 2nd part of 24 hours. Then convoy will leave in reverse direction.