Container ship keel laying took place in China

25 October 2005
On 25th of October 2005 on the yard Jinling (Nanjing, China) the keel laying of a new FESCO container ship took place.

The vessel is under construction on the feeder container ship project developed by German designers. At present this project is well worked and is rather popular among west-european shipowners.

The high-class automated control systems allow to carry out watchless machinery maintenance in the common work situations at sea and in port.

Powerful main and pilot engines are projected to use heavy oil. Vessel is projected to take 220 refrigerated containers onboard.

The ship is the second in the series of four container ships, ordered on Jinling yards. Keel laying ceremony of the first vessel took place in June 16 of 2005. In the mid November new container ship named FESCO ASKOLD will be launched.

The new containership will carry 1080 TEU.

Main technical description of the ship:
Deadweight — 13760 t
Length — 147,87 m
Breadth — 23,25 m
Depth — 8,5 m
Service speed laden — 19,6 knots
Main engine — 9730 kW.