Commercial Port of Vladivostok to replenish equipment park

28 February 2019

Commercial Port of Vladivostok (part of the FESCO Transport Group) is to receive five new port cranes in 2020. The equipment will be acquired in the framework of the modernization of production facilities, which is aimed to increase the intensity of cargo handling.

Commercial Port of Vladivostok to replenish equipment park

Under the terms of the contracts concluded with manufacturers, Commercial Port of Vladivostok is to receive 4 port cranes named "Vityaz" and one portal crane named LIEBHERR LPS (Liebherr Portal Slewing) 420. The equipment is designed to handle cargo of various nomenclature at the Universal Terminal. New cranes will increase productivity, reduce loading and discharge time, increasing processing speed by 15-20% compared with current capacity.

“Vityaz” cranes are to be installed at berths 6 and 13 of the Universal Terminal. The capacity of each crane is up to 63 tons, the maximum reach of the boom is up to 40 meters. The equipment is universal, allows to work with any kind of cargo. The cranes are manufactured in St. Petersburg.

The LIEBHERR LPS 420 crane is designed handling bulk and piece cargo and planned to be installed at berth 9. Its carrying capacity is up to 124 tons, the maximum reach of the boom is up to 48 m. This crane will have the largest carrying capacity at the Commercial Port of Vladivostok equipment park.

The new equipment is to be added to the 26 existing cranes of the Universal Terminal of Commercial Port of Vladivostok, having a lifting capacity from 16 to 100 tons.