Clarifications on Mass Media Publications

30 April 2019

Taking into consideration publications in mass media concerning the death of two sailors Far Eastern Shipping Company PAO (FESCO PAO, mother company of FESCO Transportation Group, “the Company”) hereby makes the following statement: two crew members died aboard Vasily Golovnin diesel-electric ship in the course of an Antarctic expedition on return route from the Antarctic to Cape Town (South Africa).

According to information available to the Company both sailors died as a result of an accident not related to fulfillment of their duties or weather-related conditions.

The information on the accident was submitted in a timely manner to relevant government authorities. Currently the case is being investigated following the vessel’s arrival to Cape Town by an officially assigned medical institution. FESCO representatives constantly cooperate with the Russian Federation diplomatic representation in South Africa.

The Company expresses its condolences to friends and family of the deceased sailors.